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Based on the syllabus requirements of PCN (GEN), the training course provides thorough training and qualification for Welding Inspection personnel including Technicians, Inspectors, and Engineers called upon to witness, supervise or conduct surveillance Welding Inspection activities.


The course satisfies the formal training element of the requirements of PCN and hence is the basic foundation which can lead to PCN Welding Inspector qualification(s).

Welding Inspection - Level III

    • Joints, welds and terminology,
    • The role of the welding inspector Level 3,
    • Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Inspection requirements,
    • Reporting,
    • Codes and standards,
    • Welding procedures,
    • Communication in Welding,
    • Welding symbols,
    • Welding processes,
    • Welding consumables,
    • Equipment for Welding Inspection,
    • Introduction to materials, heat treatments and weldability,
    • Residual Stress and distortion,
    • Qualification Testing and supervision,
    • Origin of welding imperfections (defects),
    • Health and Safety in Welding - RAMS,
    • Supervision, Planning, Organisation,
    • Auditing, Failure of welded products.
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