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The radiographic testing course is for NDT personnel who execute the practical inspection using radioactive material or radiation emitting devices. The radiographic interpretation course is designed purely for the interpretation of the resultant radiographic image. However, to understand the principles of image formation, sensitivity and correct techniques the general theory syllabus is the same for both courses.

Radiographic Testing (Weld) - Level I

    • Basic radiation safety
    • Properties of X-ray and Gamma rays
    • Atomic structures
    • Generation of X-rays
    • Natural and artificial gamma radiation sources
    • Gamma ray equipment
    • Radiographic film
    • Intensifying screens, exposure charts, calculations
    • Techniques for weld and/or casting radiography
    • Darkroom procedures
    • Radiographic quality
    • Application of a written instruction/radiographic technique
    • Specifications and procedures
    • Practical exercises

    Note: All students that wish to perform radiography require a valid Basic Radiation Safety (BRS) certificate, this can be included as part of any RT course

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