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RPS – Radiation Protection Supervisor – is a person appointed by an employer to ensure that any work performed with ionising radiation is performed in compliance with the Ionising Radiation Regulations and the local rules required by the regulations. An RPS is required to:

  • know and understand the requirements of the Regulations and local rules relevant to the work with ionising radiation;
  • command sufficient authority from the people doing the work to allow them to supervise the radiation protection aspects;
  • understand the necessary precautions to be taken and the extent to which these precautions will restrict exposures; and
  • know what to do in an emergency.

Radiation Protection Supervisor

    • Basic radiation physics
    • Radiographic equipment
    • Radiation units & Dose limits
    • Biological effects
    • Radiation detection and measurement
    • Principles of Protection against radiation
    • Sheilding Calculations for radiation protection
    • Personal dosimetry
    • Radiation monitoring
    • Storage of radiation sources
    • Personal dosimetry
    • Accidents and hazard in prespective
    • Normative documents
    • Emergency Procedures
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