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A person technically competent in Radiation Protection matters relevant for a given type of Regulated Activity with Regulated Material who is designated by the Licensee to oversee the application of relevant requirements established in this regulation. RPO’s have common core information on protection and safety as related to their field of practice and need to have specific personal attributes, such as communication skills, leadership and analytical skills, human– machine interface skills and multitask management skills. The RPO shall also have knowledge about applicable regulations.

Medical Radiation Protection Officer - Level II (Nuclear Medicine)

    • Radiation Physics - Fundamentals
    • Radiation Equipments
    • Radiation Detecting instruments
    • Radiation Units and dose Limitation
    • Principles of Radiation Protection
    • Awareness on FNAR REG-24, FANR RG 006, FANR RG 007
    • Case Scenarios - Discussion
    • Case Scenarios - Demonstration
    • Emergency Procedure
    • Requirements of the Licensee
    • Biological effects of Radiation
    • Radiation Calculations
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