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BRSBasic Radiation Safety – is a qualification that demonstrates that the person holding the qualification has been adequately trained in the hazards associated with ionising radiations, in the precautions to be taken when employing ionising radiation, and in the methods of protection. BRS covers awareness of the content of any special requirements for permanent facility or site operations and the importance of complying with these requirements. It also covers possible accident or emergency situations that can occur and the actions to be taken in the event that they do.

Basic Radiation Safety (Medical)

    • Basic radiation physics
    • Radiographic equipment
    • Radiation units & Dose limits
    • Biological effects
    • Radiation detection and measurement
    • Principles of Protection against radiation
    • Sheilding Calculations for radiation protection
    • Personal dosimetry
    • Radiation monitoring
    • Storage of radiation sources
    • Personal dosimetry
    • Accidents and hazard in prespective
    • Normative documents
    • Emergency Procedures
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